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Maximize asset value while mitigating risk, through a disciplined approach of expert underwriting, efficient asset management and identification of uncaptured opportunities in optimal and challenging market conditions.



United Group Development (UGD) is a Chicago based Real Estate investment firm specializing in the acquisition of value-add assets and performing/non-performing debt instruments. Since commencing its acquisition efforts in 2011, UGD has acquired over 1,000 multifamily units as well as several retail properties and small office complexes throughout the Chicagoland area, Wisconson and Indiana. UGD currently oversees over $235 Million in actively placed equity and debt and its extensive capital backing has it positioned to aggressively pursue deals all-cash with smooth and quick closings. UGD target product includes retail, multi-family and small office & industrial complexes throughout the Midwest.

Extensive underwriting experience and strong relationships throughout the industry allow UGD to make acquisition and operating decisions that are unique to each asset while representing the best interests of its investors and partners. UGD creatively pursues opportunities with value-add potential and carefully strategies the highest and best use for each acquisition.


United Group Development (UGD) is a full service asset management company specializing in retail and multifamily properties. UGD currently manages over 1 Million SF of diverse retail properties throughout Chicagoland area including neighborhood centers, strip centers and street retail in various demographics. UGD also oversees the asset management of over 1,000 multifamily units throughout Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin, a portfolio that predominantly includes properties that UGD has completely rehabilitated and stabilized, maximizing potential profitability and value.

In addition to asset management, UGD provides financial consulting and strategic re-positioning assistance to numerous brokers, investors and property owners throughout the country. UGD continues to grow its asset management portfolio by partnering with experienced and local property managers to provide a unique and progressive approach toward achieving the highest and best use for various commercial assets.



Our real estate expertise and entrepreneurial approach to financing allow us to creatively work with our borrowers and design an appropriate and time-sensitive lending program to help them achieve their goals.

United Group Development provides bridge loans secured by commercial and residential real estate in Chicago, California and New York. We specialize in short term loans between 6 to 24 months and up to $100 Million in funding. Our efficient underwriting practices allow us to offer competitive rates and terms and we work with our borrowers to offer a loan structure that suits their needs. Strong capital backing and liquidity enable us to close quickly and present borrowers with a favorable alternative to the increasingly stringent and time consuming process associated with conventional financing.


Through development, we have the opportunity to create longstanding impressions on our neighborhoods. We strive to set precedents with our projects and enhance our communities by working closely with our stakeholders.

United Group Development (UGD) is currently expanding its development reach and preparing market studies of various neighborhoods with the intention of developing several retail, multi-family, small lot subdivision and mixed use projects. UGD has joint-ventured with an experienced developer in Illinois and is currently in the entitlement stages of multiple small lot subdivision developments in a prestigious Chicagoland neighborhoods. UGD anticipates the completion of over 25 small lot subdivisions by 2018, and continues to aggressively seek appropriately zoned single family lots to expand its small lot subdivision development portfolio.

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